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In addition to the prices you will find on my products page, I offer other options that include things such as staining and painting the products, delivery, and also have package deals and promotions.  Below you will find a detailed breakdown of these services and the costs or discount of each.   


All products can be stained with any product or color of your choice. I recommend simply deciding the item you'd like to order then visit any local hardware store or big box retailer such as Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot and find the brand and color combination you desire.  

When ordering all you need to do is let me know what your choice is...its as easy as that!  
The cost of staining is only 20 percent of the order total.  


Follow the same proceedure you would for choosing a stain color.  However, when choosing your products to be painted the cost jumps up slightly to 30 percent of the order total.  The increase is due simply to the high cost of paint and the time associated with painting is at least doubled.  

Have your items delivered right to your doorstep! Take all the hassle out of lifting these heavy items and figuring out a way to lug them home.  Let me do it for you!  Delivery is available at an extremely low cost of just $2.00 per mile.  Simply give me an address once you finalize your order and I'll bring it to you. The mileage is charged for one way.  I am located in Shippingport, Pa to give you an idea of the fee you may be charged if you decide delivery is an option you'd like to take advantage of.   

Location Serving: Western Pennsylvania  and surrounding.


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